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Give tours of your venue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Say “hello” to the easiest tour you’ll ever give. By coming together with other venues on Tour My Venue., the power of community-over-competition drives better overall leads – all from one website. Couples visit your page on the site, where they can see your venue before setting up a time to see it in person. This gives you better quality leads, saving time and money in the process.


The Smart Choice: Why Book a Tour My Venue 3D Matterport Tour?

What is Tour My Venue?2020-08-08T16:29:05+00:00

Tour My Venue is the easiest way for couples to start their wedding planning process by virtually touring hundreds of venues that fit their budget, location and capacity needs – all via our 3D Matterport Virtual Tour technology. 

What is a 3D Matterport Virtual Tour?2020-08-08T16:29:55+00:00

The Matterport technology is an all-in-one 3D data platform that turns a space into an accurate and immersive digital experience. Within these virtual tours, a user can “walk” around, see exactly how rooms are connected and envision how their event will come to life. See an example here.

What are the benefits of having a 3D Matterport Virtual Tour of my venue?2020-08-08T16:30:41+00:00

There are several – they include: 

  • An Easier Booking Process: After a couple submits a contact form they are able to book a tour directly in your self-managed calendar. Never have to worry about going back and forth via email again.
  • Better Quality Leads: A couple sees your venue from home, they’ve shared it with family and other decision makers then they finally book a tour because they know they actually already love your venue.
  • Better Communication: Sometimes when we speak about something it doesn’t always translate visually. Tour My Venue is the perfect platform to ensure no communication is missed and every expectation is met.
  • Happy Couples: A couple and their families are happier because they don’t have to waste time or money looking for a ven
When should I schedule my shoot? 2020-08-08T16:32:27+00:00

If you chose to shoot your space ready for an event, we suggest having the Tour My Venue team out the day before it takes place. This ensures that tables, chairs and linens can be set

Should I have my venue shot completely empty or set up for an event? 2020-08-10T16:54:39+00:00

Either works, and we are open to shooting your space twice – once completely empty and again when the space is prepped for an event. Couples and planners all have different ways of planning and envision events, so some may be inspired by a blank slate while others need the picture painted for them. 

How do I become a Featured Venue?2020-08-08T16:38:14+00:00

Please fill out the contact form and a sales person will be in touch with you with 48 hrs.

Can I have more than one tour on my profile page?2020-08-08T16:54:11+00:00

Yes you can mulitple tours on your profile.

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